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shutterstock_326482607 woman warming hands Jan17


Q: Help!  My hands are cold most of the time, even indoors. This is starting to affect my work, as using the keyboard is difficult.  Have you any suggestions?  Mary Clinical Nutritionist, Suzie Sawyer, offers some advice A:  Hi Mary, I’m sorry your condition is such a problem.  The most likely cause is low thyroid […]

  • shutterstock_384995470 happy woman smiling May16


    LIGHTEN UP If dark, dreary February days are getting you down a short course of St John’s wort, sometimes known as the sunshine herb, could help bring back a smile to your face. A 2016 overview of 27 studies [i] reported that extracts of St John’s wort were just as effective in improving cases of […]

  • shutterstock_161393798 zinc collage Sept15


    Zinc is probably the hardest working of all the minerals. In fact, almost every vital bodily function you can think of requires zinc at some stage. Clinical Nutritionist, Suzie Sawyer, introduces this mighty mineral and explains what it can do for us Present in every cell and working in around 300 different enzyme systems throughout […]

  • Loving couple

    Passion Boosters

    Libido at an all time low as winter drags on and wondering how to give it a boost for Valentine’s Day? Nature may have just the answer. Medical Herbalist Gabriella Clarke picks some herbs to help give your love life some va va voom. ENHANCE PERFORMANCE WITH RHODIOLA Best known for its stress-busting qualities, rhodiola […]

  • woman-cold

    Cold fighters

    Winter coughs and colds continue to do the rounds and can drag on and on.  Editor Jane Garton looks at some natural remedies that can help soothe symptoms and lessen their severity For starters aim to eat a healthy diet containing plenty of antioxidant-rich fruit and veg, chillies, cayenne pepper, ginger, onions and garlic, exercise […]

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