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I keep on getting colds and flu. What can I do to strengthen my immune system?” Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer answers TAKE ECHINACEA Did you know that echinacea gets its name from the Greek word for prickly hedgehog? This is because of the pointed scales on the dried flower heads. But you can avoid feeling […]

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    GOOD FOR GINSENG Long prized for its ability to boost energy and beat fatigue, recent research suggests that ginseng could help lower muscle fatigue following anaerobic exercise, such as the short intense intervals of HIIT training. Yet another top mark for this ancient herb from the East. SAGE WORDS Always forgetting where you left your […]

  • milkthistle

    Milk Thistle

    The party season is over and chances are you’re feeling a bit sluggish and tired from overindulging in rich foods and probably a little more to drink than usual! Enter Milk thistle –  the perfect herb to get your liver and digestive system back on track. Medical herbalist Gabriella Clarke introduces this wonderful herb and […]

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    Detox and de-stress

    Tired, sluggish and stressed out after the festivities? Editor Jane Garton tells us how to recover your glow from the inside and out with the help of these herbal heroes The New Year is the perfect time to give yourself an inner cleanse and help your body to refresh, rejuvenate and renew for the months […]

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    New Year, new body, new rules

    We all enjoy a little overindulgence over the festive period. But don’t stress about those extra inches; with a few simple tips and tricks they’ll be gone before you know it. Clinical Nutritionist Suzie Sawyer shares her three nutrition rules for the New Year   CUT THE GRAZING Some diets advocate eating little and often.  […]

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