A range of colourful Easter eggs

Easter Eats: Diet and Nutrition tips

Easter may be the time of year when many of us over-indulge on chocolate eggs, but it’s also full of great seasonal and nutritional treats.

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer offers some hot tips to help make this Easter your healthiest ever.


Nothing could be more nutritionally perfect than an egg… the non-chocolate variety of course! They really are a fabulous all-round good food. Starting the day with one is the best breakfast choice. The reason? Their high protein content helps you to feel full for longer making you less likely to reach for one of those Easter sweet treats. Eggs are also a great source of iron for energy, together with other vitamins and minerals. Why not start your Easter weekend the healthy way by serving up poached eggs on wholemeal or rye toast?


Eating foods as they come into season means their nutritional value will be at its highest. They will also taste better because they are fresher, and should cost less. Most importantly, the human body evolved to eat foods that were hunted and eaten as they became available so it makes sense that your body will function better when fed as near to what nature intended.

Foods in season right now include asparagus (packed full of energising B vitamins), purple sprouting broccoli (a nutritional powerhouse), spinach (packed with the mineral iron), crab (great for omega-3s), lamb (a delicious source of protein) and bananas (an excellent source of heart-healthy potassium).


Although one of the fattier meats, spring lamb still contains a wealth of nutrients, particularly the mineral iron and protein. What’s more its taste and health benefits can be enhanced if cooked with some garlic and rosemary – garlic is great for the digestion and heart health while rosemary is a powerful antioxidant which can help hold back the years.

Crab is also in season. A great source of protein, it contains some brain, joint and heart-healthy omega-3 fats too. What could be more delicious than a crab salad supper on Easter Sunday?