Herb Health: Anti-bloating Tactics

Whether you’re just about to bare all on the beach or just frustrated that your favourite dress doesn’t fit as well as it could, bloating can often get in the way of how we feel.

The good news from Editor Jane Garton is that there are several herbs and top tips that can help.


Research shows that artichoke leaves contain a powerful substance called cynarin, which is thought to help boost digestion and provide relief from the symptoms of indigestion such as nausea, bloating, constipation and trapped wind. Herbalists use artichoke leaves to improve appetite and digestion. Their bitter taste is thought to stimulate taste receptors on the tongue, which in turn help to boost digestive juices and enzymes.


If you’re keen on Indian food, you probably think of turmeric as a spice sitting in your spice rack right now, but in fact it is one of the world’s oldest herbal remedies with a range of health benefits. It is thought to help increase bile flow, so preventing the fermentation of undigested fats in the intestine, which can lead to flatulence, bloating and cramps.


  • A probiotic yogurt for breakfast can help ease digestive stress
  • Go for high fibre foods such as wholegrain cereals, brown rice, and plenty of fruit and veg to avoid constipation – a major cause of bloating
  • Drink camomile or mint tea to help ease indigestion and other bowel problems that can trigger bloating
  • Too much salt causes fluid retention so flavour foods with herbs instead
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and chewing gum both of which create gas, giving you a protruding tum