Fruit and veg spelling out 2019 to show new diet for the New Year

January nutrition: kick start your New Year

January may be alcohol-free for those of us doing dry January but it is also a great opportunity to re-evaluate your diet.

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer shares some delicious ideas to make 2019 your most nutritious yet!


Go for cauliflower instead! Cauliflower contains many of the health benefits of sprouts and many people prefer the taste. Both vegetables belong to the brassica family, and nutrition-wise are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, some B-vitamins and fibre.

Most importantly, cauliflower contains a range of plant compounds known as glucosinolates, which are packed with health benefits. They are particularly useful for encouraging liver detoxification, which could be handy during dry January!

Why not cook up a vegetable curry with cauliflower as one of the key ingredients? Add some turmeric and you’ve got the perfect healthy meal that your body will love after all the festive madness.


If there is one month when your body would really benefit from a nutrition boost and regular juices, then it’s January! There’s so much talk about juicing in the press and social media with a range of opinions on offer. However, one thing’s for sure – if you become a regular juicer, your body can’t fail to enjoy a greater range of nutrients than it would normally.

It is the colours in fruits and vegetables that deliver so many of their wonderful health benefits, especially those immune-boosting antioxidants. And, if you choose foods that are in season during January such as the natural internal cleanser celery, you’ll be getting even more nutrients. It may not be your favourite tasting vegetable but add it to juices with apples, beetroot, ginger, carrot and cucumber, and you will hardly notice its flavour.


They may not contain those all-important bubbles, but there’s still plenty of drinks that will heal rather than harm the liver to choose from. Any drink containing fresh lemons is a real treat for the body. They are especially good for helping fight nasty viruses and other invaders that might want to attack the immune system at this time of year. Plus, they support liver and digestive tract cleansing, especially if added to warm water first thing in the morning. Alternatively, try them in green tea or add them with fresh ginger to sparkling water for a bubbly treat.


Feeling blue as the New Year unfolds? From a nutrition point of view, foods containing brain-boosting omega-3 fats can really help to lift the spirits. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are good sources as are walnuts – in season right now.

Aim to include oily fish in your diet two or three times a week and enjoy some walnut butter on wholemeal toast for a comforting snack.

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