A range of colourful Easter eggs

Making the most of Easter

Easter might not be quite what we are used to this year. Social distancing will still be in place in most areas and family get togethers may be difficult.

Editor Jane Garton looks at ways to give yourself a boost and to enjoy the day as much as possible.


Start the day with an egg

Poached egg on toast

Nothing could be more nutritionally complete than an egg, (the non-chocolate variety of course) so starting Easter Day with one is a great breakfast choice. The reason? Their high protein content helps you to feel full for longer making you less likely to reach for one of those Easter sweet treats as the morning goes on.

Eggs are also a good source of iron for energy, together with other vitamins and minerals.   Why not take the healthy route and serve up poached eggs on wholemeal or rye toast?

Get outside

Woman walking in a forest

Without the usual family gatherings it’s all too easy to slump on the sofa in front of the TV but resist the temptation. It will just make you feel tired and lethargic and won’t do anything for your mood.

Far better to lace up your walking boots and reap the benefits of the big outdoors. Even walking for as little as 20 minutes in natural surroundings will lift your spirits, encourage positive thoughts and fill you with energy.

Switch off

Close up of mobile phone

To avoid becoming slaves to our screens  – be it smart phone, tablet, social media or computer – we need occasionally to take a complete break from technology. So why not go on a digital detox for Easter day when you don’t check emails or go on social media.  Let anyone spending the day with you know what you are doing and even encourage them to join in. Just as with an exercise regime you are more likely to stick with it if others are on board. Use your phone as a phone only. Turn off all notifications, including texts, apps and email.

Worry not

Woman holding hands to the side of her head to represent a headache

There is no denying that the past months have been anxiety provoking. But don’t let worries about the future dominate your day. If thoughts start wandering too much into the future switch them back to the present as this is the only reality that truly exists.  Try to keep your focus firmly in the here and now and enjoy the moment.

Keep In touch

Woman making a face time call on her phone

Finally don’t forget friends and family especially if they are spending the day alone.  Pick up the phone and wish them a happy day or better still arrange a drink or meal over Zoom.


For relaxation

Young woman with eyes closed calm and relaxed on a sofa

The herbal relaxants, such as valerian and passionflower do just as their name implies – they aid relaxation. Try them to help soothe insomnia and anxious moments, as well as the physical effects of stress, such as tense muscles and digestive problems.  If you are feeling super anxious valerian combined with hops can work wonders.

For better sleep

Close up on woman sleeping

Lovely camomile with its daisy-like flowers is a well-known natural remedy for sleep. Try it in a soothing night-time tea. Put one teabag or 5-8g of loose camomile leaves into a mug of boiling water. Cover and leave to infuse for a few minutes before sipping slowly.

For a quick energy boost

Woman jumping in the air on a spring day

Used throughout Eastern Europe as a natural stimulant, rhodiola is the herb that springs to mind. It is thought to have anti-fatigue, anti-stress, antioxidant and immune-enhancing effects.

For lifting your spirits

Happy woman outside smiling

Sometimes known as the sunshine herb St John’s wort can help to boost your mood if you start to feel the blues.

For over-indulgence

If you do overdo the chocolate eggs or have one drink too many at Easter lunch, milk thistle may help to soothe your digestion.

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