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Natural healthcare tips for Festival Season

Summer is finally on its way and many of us will be heading out to our favourite music festival. However, roughing it for a few days in the open doesn’t come without its health hazards.

Medical herbalist Gabriella Clarke looks at what to pack in our rucksacks to avoid spending time in the first aid tent rather than on the dance floor.


Surrounded by great music and a fantastic atmosphere, it’s hard not to overdo the booze at a festival, so our livers and digestive system may take a pounding. Take milk thistle to help protect your liver from alcohol damage. It can also help reduce the incidence and severity of hangovers.


There is nothing worse than a tummy upset when camping. Festival toilets aren’t very nice at the best of times so to avoid spending too much time in them, take a probiotic as a preventative measure.

Remember to watch what you eat. Always make sure meat and fish dishes are cooked thoroughly before eating. Also, festivals aren’t always the most hygienic places and water for washing hands may be scarce. Pack some hand sanitizer just in case.


Being out in the sun all day increases the risk of sunburn for all skin types. Make sure you regularly apply the sun factor most suitable for you and remind your friends to do the same.


If you do get sunburnt, applying aloe vera gel helps to reduce any pain, redness and inflammation as well as kick starting the healing process. Aloe vera gel can also be applied to insect bites and stings.


Light, easy to pack and super-effective, peppermint or ginger teabags can help ease a dodgy tummy. Camomile also helps quell anxiety and promote sleep.


Make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day. It may not get very hot but alcohol and dancing can lead to dehydration, which can be dangerous. Symptoms include headaches, increased thirst, dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness and dark urine. If you start to experience any of the above increase your fluid intake and rest.


When you arrive at the festival make sure you clock where the first aid points are BEFORE you start partying.

Stay safe and have fun!


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