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News: July 2017


Struggling to cut out sugar from your diet? A recent study from the Oral Health Foundation[i] reveals that nearly six in ten of us believe that fresh fruit is the most effective way to beat those cravings for something sweet. But a note of caution: try to eat fruit only at mealtimes when saliva helps rinse away fruit sugars. Go easy too on dried fruit, such as raisins and dates, which are very sticky and can damage the enamel. Three servings a day is a good number to aim for.


Say ‘yes’ to that slice of cheese; it could help to keep you healthy as the years go by. Research suggests a compound called spermidine[ii] found in aged cheese as well as mushrooms, pulses, soya and wholegrains, could help protect against several diseases of ageing and even extend life.


The festival season is upon us but sadly such events are not always that hygienic. Try dosing up with probiotics a few days before you set out and carry on taking them as you party. The friendly bacteria will help to strengthen your system against common summer stomach bugs. If you start to feel under the weather a cup of herbal tea such as mint or ginger can also be very soothing.


Put on your walking shoes for National Park Week (July 24th-30th) and get outside. Numerous studies show that going for a walk in a green environment when we need to recharge or simply relax is one of the best ways to boost wellbeing.



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