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News: July 2020

Yoga could reduce the severity of migraines

Woman doing yoga

Yoga might provide relief if you suffer with migraines, thought to affect around 6 million people in the UK. A recent study from India[i] followed a group who practised yoga moves five days a week for three months, while keeping a diary. Here they noted the duration and severity of attacks as well as any painkillers they took. The group reported a significant improvement in symptoms compared with another group on standard medication. To discover the benefits for yourself check out the vast number of free yoga classes and tutorials online.

Children who drink more fruit juice go on to have healthier diets

A jam jar filled with orange juice surrounded by cut-up oranges

Pre-school and nursery-aged children who drink two cups of 100% pure fruit juice a day go on to eat more fruit and have healthier diets as teenagers, than their peers who drink less fruit juice when young according to a recent study from Boston University[ii]. And the good news is despite being high in natural sugars, the study found that drinking more fruit juice did not increase the risk of the children gaining weight.

Volunteering can help you too

Group of volunteers

People who regularly volunteer to help others lower their risk of dying early and also develop a more positive outlook on life according to recent study carried out over four years by scientists at Harvard University[iii].

The research looked at 13,000 Americans with an average age of about 67 who were tracked using questionnaires. Those who volunteered to help others for at least 100 hours a year (around 2 hours per week), had higher levels of physical activity and an improved sense of mental well being compared with those who did not volunteer. There were also signs that people who volunteered tended to be more optimistic, had fewer depressive symptoms and were more likely to be in frequent contact with friends. Volunteering may not be possible at the moment but it’s something to think about once social distancing rules are relaxed!

In-season eating: strawberries

A punnet of strawberries

It’s been the UK’s sunniest spring since records began in 1929 and fruit growers have reaped the benefits. The longer hours of sunshine have produced a bumper crop of super sweet strawberries, which are packed with plenty of health benefits.

Low calorie, high-fibre and brimming with vitamin C they’re rich in health-promoting antioxidant plant chemicals which can help to balance blood sugar levels and the body’s response to high-carb meals. They can also contribute towards helping reduce cholesterol and fighting inflammation.

Look out for strawberries in supermarkets, local markets, farms or pick your own. Enjoy on their own, in juices and smoothies or on top of cereals.


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