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News: May 2019

Ginger may help reduce blood pressure

Ginger root and groud ginger spice in wooden pot

Finding it hard to keep your blood pressure on an even keel? According to a recent overview of six randomized clinical trials [i] taking ginger supplements may help to bring it down. More research as to why it works is needed but plant compounds such as gingerols and shogaols are thought to be responsible. If already taking blood pressure medication always consult your GP before making any changes to your regimen.

Taking Vitamin C before exercise can help recovery

Close up of woman running in a park

Taking vitamin C before a bout of exercise may help recovery afterwards says recent research[ii]. The reason? Exercise can cause an antioxidant imbalance leading to stress-related tissue damage. A dose of vitamin C pre-exercise, however, can help to boost antioxidant power in the blood and supress oxidative stress. So order a glass of orange juice before that work out.

Vitamin D may be indicated in the fight against superbugs

Vitamin D and a sunshine written into the sand on beach

Vitamin D may help in the on-going fight against superbugs suggests recent research from Queen Mary University Hospital London[iii]. In the study patients with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) recovered faster when given the ‘sunshine vitamin’ alongside their antibiotics. It is thought that the boost to the immune system offered by the vitamin D could also work for other drug-resistant infections.

“This study raises the possibility that vitamin D – which is safe and inexpensive – could benefit this hard-to-treat group of patients by taking a novel approach to their treatment,” commented Professor Adrian Martineau who led the research.




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