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News: November 2017


The words 'Vitamin D' and a picture of a sunshine written in the sand on a beach

More good news for vitamin D. A recent study from Queen Mary University of London suggests that asthma sufferers could halve their risk of a severe attack by taking a vitamin D supplement[i]. It is thought to work by boosting immunity and dampening down harmful airway inflammation.


Woman with anxiety with eyes closed and touching hands to temples

Speak Up and Speak Out is the theme of this year’s International Stress Awareness Day on November 1st.

For more information and tips to help beat it visit the International Stress Management Association website.


Close up of woman with blue lipstick and blue nails

Show your support for Mouth Cancer Action Month by going for blue on Blue Wednesday, November 15th. Buy a blue ribbon, wear something blue or put on some blue lips! To find out more visit the mouth cancer website:

Meanwhile, the herb rhodiola is fantastic for combating mental and physical fatigue including nervous exhaustion and it works quickly. To find out more about Rhodiola visit the Rhodiola fact file.


Close up of woman with a cold blowing her nose with a tissue.

Colds and coughs can leave you open to secondary respiratory tract infections, such as pneumonia. So recent research that a fresh herbal extract of Echinacea purpurea, already known to help treat colds, may also help prevent secondary infections is good news[ii]. It is thought to work by reducing the ability of bacteria to adhere to the mucus membranes. To find out more about Echinacea please visit the Echinacea fact file.


[i] Jolliffe DA, Greenberg L, Hooper RL, et al. Vitamin D supplementation to prevent asthma exacerbations: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant dataThe Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Published online October 3 2017

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