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News: November 2019

Too much salt found to cause bloating

A pile of salt with the word 'salt' written in

Often feel bloated after a meal? Too much salt in your diet could be the culprit rather than over eating or a food intolerance according to a recent US study[i].  The exact reason is unknown but it’s thought the fact that salt causes water retention could be a factor.

Instead of adding salt to cooking and at the table, try herb marinades to add flavour and put chopped fresh herbs on the table to sprinkle over food. Meanwhile, carrot sticks, celery sticks, fruit and unsalted nuts make great alternatives to salty snacks.

Study shows lycopene in tomatoes can improve male fertility

Whole tomatoes and a glass of tomato juice

Good news for men with fertility problems. According to a recent study carried out the University of Sheffield[ii], lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their colour, could boost the quality of sperm. In particular, the size and swimming abilities.

In the study, a group of healthy men who took the equivalent of two tablespoons of (concentrated) tomato puree a day were found to have better quality sperm. It is hoped these findings may help reduce the need for invasive fertility treatments in the future as more than 40 % of all infertility cases are due to abnormal sperm production or function. More research is needed so watch this space.

Drinking cherry juice could help your cognition

A bunch of cherries and a jug of cherry juice on a wooden table

A handful of cherries makes a great healthy snack and now it seems sipping their juice could help boost cognition in older adults. In a recent US study[iii] a small group of adults between the ages of 65 and 80 with normal cognitive function drank two cups of tart cherry juice a day for 12 weeks. Cognition reflects our ability to think clearly, remember, and learn new things. They were found to perform better in memory and learning tests than the control group.

How to relieve stress this National Stress Awareness Day

Woman in shadow meditating by candlelight to represent calm

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed – being under pressure has become a normal part of life. But too much can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse. Make this year’s National Stress Awareness day, on Wednesday November 6th the time to think about your wellbeing and how you can best manage stressful moments in your life. Develop a routine to help you lessen the pressure. Go for a walk, do some deep breathing, go for a regular massage or take a long, relaxing bath.

Meanwhile, there are some supplements that can help. Top of the list comes rhodiola. The root from this Siberian plant is fantastic for combating mental and physical fatigue including nervous exhaustion and it works quickly. It is an adaptogen – a herb that help the body adapt to physical, emotional and environmental stress. Rhodiola is a great choice if, for example, you are starting a new job, moving home and even if you have suffered a bereavement.



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