Q & A: Natural ways to reduce blood pressure

“My doctor recently told me that my blood pressure is a little high. I am also currently under quite a lot of stress. What natural remedies can you recommend?”

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer answers. 

There are a number of natural measures you can take, which can help to maintain your blood pressure in the healthy range.


It’s important to exercise regularly – 30 minutes, three or four times a week, which will also help your stress levels. On that note, if you are under any stress which may be contributing to your high blood pressure, try taking the herbal remedy, rhodiola, which is proven to reduce stress and fatigue.


Eating a colourful and balanced diet is also key; aim for five to six portions of fruits and vegetables a day.  It’s often easier to achieve this by juicing or making smoothies.  Additionally, celery and celeriac are good for reducing blood pressure if eaten regularly or used in cooking.  Green vegetables, in particular, contain lots of magnesium, which helps to relax the artery walls, thereby reducing blood pressure.

Including flaxseeds in your diet, perhaps sprinkling them every morning on your porridge or cereal, helps to keep blood pressure in check.  These also contain the omega 3 fatty acids, which encourage good blood flow.  Additionally, you should try to include garlic as much as possible in your cooking – it supports healthy blood pressure levels and all-round good heart health.  If this seems a bit unsociable then you can buy a good garlic supplement, which is odour-reduced!