Nutritious summer light bites

When summer arrives our thoughts inevitably turn to holidays, the prospect of longer summer days and eating al fresco.

Ditch the boring salads! Here are three great meal ideas for summer eating from clinical nutritionist, Suzie Sawyer.


For many, the prospect of eating the standard lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad can seem a little dull.  However you can get wonderfully creative and create some really delicious summer salads!

Grilled harissa chicken with quinoa, together with a tomato salsa is quick, delicious, high in protein and not too calorific.  Slash the chicken breasts with a sharp knife, mix some harissa paste with lime juice and rub over the chicken and grill for 10-15 minutes.  Meanwhile, boil up some quinoa with chicken stock, and slice some vine tomatoes with avocado, some chopped onion and add a little more lime juice to make a fresh and tangy salsa.  Serve and enjoy.


Here’s another quick, easy and delicious meal. Roast (or griddle) some aubergines, tomatoes, yellow peppers, courgettes and onions.  Meanwhile, crush some garlic with olive oil, white wine vinegar and basil leaves.  When the vegetables are cooled, add some black olives to the oil mix, tear some buffalo mozzarella onto a plate, stack and pour over the oil mix.  Season with some black pepper and you’ve got a healthy dish packed with antioxidants.


You can very easily make up stir-fry recipes as you go along! This particular recipe provides a great basis from which to mix and match, with chicken or pork, and any seasonings that take your fancy.  You can create a low fat, high protein dish very quickly that will always be well received by your summer dinner party guests as well!

Flash fry some cashew nuts in a wok with a little olive or coconut oil.  Remove them and add some grated fresh ginger, together with some crushed garlic before adding some chopped broccoli, red chilli, sliced mushrooms, spring onions and mange tout.  Then add the prawns to the wok, adding some soy sauce and rice wine, bring it all up to a high heat for around three minutes and then return the cashews to the pan.  Cook it all together for another minute, serve topped with sesame seeds and you’ve got yourself a really healthy stir-fry that everyone will love.

Enjoy these light summer bites!